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Great Service, Guaranteed

Rapid Aluminium can supply aluminium in various finishes:

Mill Finish



Custom extrusions via Mill Sales

To find out more about our Aluminium Products get in touch with our team today.


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Internal R&D

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Rapid Aluminium can supply aluminium in various finishes:


Expert Service

Rapid Aluminium take pride in offering expertise within the aluminium industry, including delivery.

Rapid’s own trucks allow multiple locations to be regularly serviced:

Melbourne Metro

Regional Victoria

Interstate options

To find out more about our delivery options get in touch with our team today.

Software Support

You Can Count on Us!

We have experienced staff to support you when you need it the most, whether its to do with supply, fabrication, specification and overall product information.

We are also pleased to announce that we are now working with Orgadata in offering Logikal as our recommended estimation and fabrication software tool. 

These are the main benefits of  LogiKal:

Quoting – Quote in a very easy fashion and present pricing to your client with your own custom-made Quote report.

Fabrication reports – Detailed or compact information for assembling and cutting is within a click of a button straight of your design. All reports are easy to customize.

CNC connection – Pre-configured and customisable cnc information can then be sent directly to your machinery, reducing errors and saving time.

Structural Analysis – Define profiles to be used in different scenarios and see how design changes affect your Elevation in real-time.

Shop Drawing – Detailed cross-sectional Shop drawings automatically generated from your selected items.

Measure on site with App – Extract your project to your phone or tablet, change sized and send the information back to LogiKal. The project will be automatically changed accordingly.

For more information send an email to info@orgadata.com.au or contact our technical  support team at RAPID.