RAPID Aluminium Profiles

Great Value, Unbeatable Service

Rapid Aluminium – The best choice in commercial aluminium extrusions and the home of the industry preferred window systems.


Anyone can sell you aluminium profile, Technical know-how is what makes the difference.

We design and supply aluminium profiles for all commercial and partitioning purposes so we know what your needs are. With over 5000 sqm in our premises we have the product ready for you today. Purpose built machinery eliminates forklift damage to ensure it is always delivered in pristine condition.

In the unlikely event there is a problem, chances are we have already solved it. If not, our technical staff are skilled practitioners able to give you a rapid answer. Rapid queries require rapid solutions. We know you just want to get on with the job.

Rapid Aluminium has grown a reputation for excellence in service and on-time delivery. The Rapid difference lets you benefit from our service and experience.


Commercial Window Systems

Our Aluminum Product Range is among the best available on the market. Aside from the top quality of these products, Rapid Aluminium offers unbeatable prices. Did you find a better price somewhere else? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to match it. We’re here to help you make the best product decisions for your business, so don’t hesitate at call.

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Partition Suites

Trusty & Reliable

Our Partition Suites are some of our best selling items. Our clients really appreciate the fact that our products are only top quality, carefully selected by our team and ready to use from the moment they are purchased. Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call and an expert will assist you with all concerns.


Geometric Sections 

Precise Performance

Our Geometrics are all of top quality, so performance is guaranteed. These are some of our top-selling products and are used by customers for a variety of different functions. This includes Angles, Hollows, Rounds, T-Sections, Tubes, Trims, Structural Channels, Glazing Channels, Flat Bars, Tread Plates & Sheets, Cool Room Suite, Skirting, and other Miscellaneous items.


Other Architectural Profile Systems & Miscellaneous Sections

Extensive Product Range

We also stock other specialty aluminium profiles that are widely used in architectural building and construction. Below is a list of other products we offer, if what your after is not in the list contact us now to find out what else we've got on our shelves.

  • Louvre Systems

  • Pool Fence/Gates & Balustrading

  • Privacy Screens/Fencing

  • Roof Glazing Sections

  • Scaffold Planks

If you need help choosing one of our many Aluminium Sections for a custom or specific project or job, get in touch and a consultant will be happy to help you design your custom sections to suit your specific requirements and provide technical support.

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